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Gillmor Gang: Action Items

The Gillmor Gang ? Dan Farber, Kevin Marks, Semil Shah, Danny Sullivan, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor ? played the latest favorite game of the Mobility Addicted. It's called Lock Screen, and some of us think it's where the early adopters meet the gr

2,500 Bunsen Burners + Dubstep = Best Visualizer Ever

Take 2,500 bunsen burners, and put'em in a grid. Make the flames react to sound waves, thanks to some amazing physics trickery. Then drop the bass. What do you get? The best visualizer ever. Read More

Google App Engine Gets GitHub Push-To-Deploy Support

Last summer, Google started allowing developers to use git to get their code onto App Engine to deploy their applications instead of using Google's usual SDK. Starting today, developers who use the popular GitHub service to manage their code reposito

Beats Music Gets In-App Subscriptions, Beefs Up Free Streaming Options

Beats Music, the streaming radio solution spun out from the makers of Beats audio hardware products, has decided to bite the bullet and give Apple its 30 percent cut on subscription sign-ups. The streaming music provider originally side-stepped Apple

Bitcoin 2.0: Unleash The Sidechains

"Cryptocurrencies will create a fifth protocol layer powering the next generation of the Internet," says Naval Ravikant. "Our 2014 fund will be built during the blockchain cycle," concurs Fred Wilson. And Andreessen Horowitz have very visibly doubled

Nike Is Said To Be Killing Off The FuelBand

Bad news, Fuel fans: Nike is purportedly killing off their wearable hardware efforts, including the FuelBand. Just a few days ago, folks started whispering about shakeup in Fuelband land after the following post popped up on Secret: Now, sure enough,

Counterforce Protests Tech Using Tech

Rising income inequality is quickly becoming the most prevalent issue of our century, "the defining challenge of our time," according to President Obama. No where is this more acute than in San Francisco, where rents growing at 3 times the national a

White House Declines To Deport Bieber, Pivots To Immigration Reform In Its Official Response

TechCrunch squinted slightly when the White House petition to deport the Canadian Justin Bieber passed the 100,000-signature mark, the minimum threshold to warrant an official response. Read More

214 Technologies Is Crowdfunding A Smart Doorbell Called Chui

"What the heck is a smart doorbell?" That's what my friends asked me any time I mentioned that I'd be meeting with Nezare Chafni and Shaun Moore, co-founders of 214 Technologies. They've developed a product called Chui, which they describe as "the w

Ask A VC: Next World Capital's Ben Fu On Engineer Recruiting Challenges

In this week's episode of Ask A VC, we hosted Next World Capital's Ben Fu in the studio to talk about big data, recruiting and more. Fu, who has backed Datameer, Datastax, and Good Data among others, talked about the talent crunch, and the challenges

CrunchWeek: Airbnb's $500M Funding, Twitter Gobbles Up Gnip, Instagram's Swapped Username Scandal

It's Friday, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, a holiday weekend is ahead, and we've got a brand new episode of CrunchWeek for you to watch. What more could you wish for? In today's show, Leena Rao, Ryan Lawler and I huddled around the big

Raise Now: VC Funding For Startups At Highest Point In More Than A Decade

There is a reason it feels like everyone and anyone is raising money at the moment to build a company: They are. According to two studies, capital raised from venture capitalists by growing, private companies is at its highest point since 2001. Read

Gillmor Gang Live 04.18.14

Gillmor Gang - Danny Sullivan, Dan Farber, Semil Shah, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor. Live recording session today at 1pm PST. Click here for the live chat on Friendfeed. Read More

Canary Smart Home Security Shows Off Their Smartphone App For The First Time

Canary has had a big year. After smashing through their Indiegogo campaign goal and picking up an extra $10 million in VC funding, the company is nearly ready to ship its home security product. Due to a couple hurdles, Canary units won't arrive unt

Facebook ?Nearby Friends' Will Track Your Location History To Target You With Ads

Facebook says it's not using its new Nearby Friends feature to target ads yet, but after I asked why it's tracking “Location History” it admitted it will eventually use the data for marketing purposes. This morning, the proximity sharing

In Just A Few Minutes, SpaceX Will Attempt To Launch A Reusable Rocket ? Watch Now!

Quick! Tune in! SpaceX is about to attempt something pretty historic: launching a rocket in such a way that much of it can be reused in later launches. If successful, this launch will head up to the International Space Station, drop off a bunch of su

Gusto Debuts A Smarter, More Powerful Email App For iPhone

There's no lack of startups trying to rethink the mobile email experience - for example, Mailbox, Boxer, CloudMagic, Triage, or Acompli, to name just a few. Now a new application called Gusto is throwing its hat into the ring, as well, with a smart e

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Siri Hack, Amazon Smartphone, And Galaxy Gear

Siri was hacked! But don't panic — it's apparently a really fun hack that gives Siri access to your other apps. Meanwhile, rumors are swirling over Amazon's forthcoming smartphone with 3D-gesture features. Plus, we're taking a good hard look at

Supreme Court Justices Say They're Likely To Rule On NSA Surveillance

Supreme Court justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia think that the nation's top court will eventually rule on the NSA's surveillance activities. The two, appearing in front of the National Press Club, both touched on the subject, with Justi

Airbnb Has Closed Its $500M Round Of Funding At A $10B Valuation, Led By TPG

TechCrunch has learned that Airbnb, the fast-growing site that lets people become hoteliers by renting out sofas, rooms or entire private homes, has now closed its latest round of funding: $500 million, led by private equity firm TPG, at a $10 billio

Facebook Says Paper Users Browse 80 Stories A Day, Updates It To Be A More Complete Replacement

Facebook just released Paper 1.1, an update that adds features and notifications to make it a more comprehensive subsititute for Facebook for iOS. It alsp gave the first momentum update on Paper, saying "people have explored an average of 80 stories

Who Wants A Ticket To The Disrupt NY Hackathon?

Ready. Set. Go. Our events team just released another batch of tickets to the Disrupt NY Hackathon. You can grab one below. Last year using the Foursquare and Plaid APIs, a credit card transaction tracker took home the top price. Teams are forming no

Taking On Amazon, Target Expands Online Subscriptions Program To More Categories, Lowers Prices

Target has significantly expanded its subscription-based e-commerce service, first launched last fall as a response to Amazon's popular “Subscribe and Save” program, by increasing the number of online items available for subscription purc

Telerik Open Sources Most Of Its Kendo UI HTML5 Framework

Telerik, the company behind the popular Kendo UI library, this week announced that it is open sourcing the vast majority of Kendo UI's tools and JavaScript framework features. This new Kendo UI Core package is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, w

La Belle Assiette Launches Its On-Demand Chef Service In Belgium And The U.K.

French startup La Belle Assiette just opened shop in Belgium. La Belle Assiette is a sort of on-demand chef service. You can browse the site, find your chef and book a meal directly from the service — a chef will then come to your home or offic CEO Neil Vogel Discusses The Challenges Of Evolving An Established Brand has never been the coolest website on the internet. With a grayish background and an ugly logo, it was the place you landed when you searched for help with something, but you rarely went there on your own. This is the product that Neil Voge

Google Trends Debuts Email Notifications For Search Topics, Hot Searches And More

Google Trends, the informative resource that shows you what's currently popular around the web right now in and in the recent past, now offers email subscriptions, Google announced this morning. The new feature will allow you to subscribe to any sear

With $4.6M In New Funding, Preact Helps Software Companies Keep Customers Happy

Startup Preact is officially launching today with a product that it says can help companies increase customer spending and reduce churn. It's also announcing that it has raised a $4.6 million Series A led by Trinity Ventures. CEO Michael Geller said

App Search Engine Quixey Acquires Competing Service

Mobile app search engine Quixey, backed by $75 million from Alibaba, Innovation Endeavors, Translink Capital and others, has put some of those dollars to use by acquiring a smaller, competing app search startup, San Francisco-based The deal

LinkedIn Hits 300 Million Users

LinkedIn announced this morning that the company now has 300 million registered users worldwide, over half of which come from outside the U.S. Stateside, the site has 100 million members, its says. LinkedIn revealed these and other figures via a comp

Nest Uses Its Data To Turn Electric Utilities Into Cash Cows

When Google acquired smart thermostat maker Nest for $3.2 billion, the startup quickly stated that it wouldn't ever share its user data with other Google services and outside companies. Yet, according to a recent report by Forbes, the company is taki

The Xbox One Still Lags Behind The PS4

Titanfall was supposed to change it all, but it didn't work. So far, Microsoft announced that it has shipped 5 million Xbox One units to retailers. In comparison, Sony has sold 7 million PS4 units to customers. It doesn't look good for Microsoft as t

The Rufus Cuff's Size And Features Lord Over Puny Smartwatches

With its three-inch screen, the Rufus Cuff thumbs its nose at smartwatches with their tiny faces and dainty wristbands. The wearable device, which bills itself as a “wrist communicator” and runs on Android, has access to the full Google P Aims To Be The Hub For Companies' White Papers And How-To Content

There are plenty of how-to sites on the Internet, but sometimes, in the words of CEO Scott Annen, you need to look up something "more complicated than tying a tie or stuffing a turkey." When you do, Annen is hoping you'll visit the Guides.c

Founder Stories: Serial Entrepreneur Karl Jacob Is Up At The Plate Again With Hangtime

If Bo knows football and every other sport, Karl Jacob knows startups. Depending on how you count it, Jacob, a former Apple intern and Benchmark EIR, is on his sixth (or seventh?) startup: Hangtime, which aggregates future events in a single app and

As Food Delivery War Heats Up, Sprig Plans To Serve Lunch

SpoonRocket is about to have some competition in the lunch on demand market. Sprig, currently dinner-only, will soon start serving lunch, according to a source who said Sprig now delivers 1000 meals per day. Sprig just raised a $10 million Series A t Picks Up A New Investor, As It Manages Over $1 Billion In Student Loans

In the year since its launch,, the company billing itself as the for managing student loans, has grown to manage over $1 billion in loans. The company, which provides a monitoring and management service for student loan payments,

I Hijacked The Startup Alley Application System To Extend The Deadline, So Apply Now!

Attention, startups! This is a code red situation. I have infiltrated the Disrupt Startup Alley application system and left registrations open. (Cue evil laugh.) Read More

Get Poached

The tech/startup industry is about as incestuous as it gets, and that's without any clear tools to help people switch from one moonshot to the next. So imagine a world in which there are two! Allow me to proudly introduce PoachBox, the anonymous emp

Instacart Could Raise A Big New Round Of Funding Valuing It At $400 Million

On-demand grocery startup Instacart is working on raising a big new round of funding, according to sources. The new financing, which we've heard is being led by non-VC investors, would value the company at $400 million. Read More

Meet The 11 New Startups Launching At AngelPad's Spring Demo Day

AngelPad, the San Francisco-based startup accelerator founded by early Googler and tech investor Thomas Korte, is holding demo day for its Spring 2014 class in San Francisco today. Since its inception back in 2010, AngelPad has established itself as

Chromebooks Could Soon Be Unlocked Automatically When Your Smartphone Is Near

Passwords, geez those things suck. You may not need them to login to your computer in the future, and Chromebooks might be the first PC device to offer that feature natively, according to some hints found in the developer preview channel of Chrome OS

Weibo Spikes 19.06% In Its Debut

This morning Weibo went public, offering fewer shares than previously expected, though the bloc was priced at $17, in line with yesterday's reporting. Read More

Zola Debuts Its iPhone App To Allow Couples To Manage Their Wedding Registries On The Go

Zola, the new wedding registry startup emerging from Gilt And AlleyCorp founder Kevin Ryan, has launched an iPhone app to allow couples to create and manage their Zola registries from anywhere. Zola, led by former Gilt employees Shan-Lyn Ma and Nobu

Sonos Wants To Ditch Its Only Annoying Shortcoming

Sonos has often been praised for its minimalist setup. Power up a couple speakers in different rooms, open the smartphone app, and boom ? wireless sound around your house... right? Mostly. There's one tiny asterisk in there that tends to get forgott

Is Winter Coming? Hear More From Our All-Star Investor Panel At Disrupt NY

VC money in the U.S is at its highest level since 2001, and valuations are soaring. The question on everyone's mind is, are we in a bubble? Read More

Six Months After Acquisition, Magnify Rebrands And Relaunches As Waywire

Last fall, Magnify acquired Waywire in an effort to create more efficiency around video curation. The idea behind the acquisition was to combine the former's enterprise video curation business with the latter's content deals and consumer-facing techn

Putting The Many Pieces Back Together After The Death Of Your Co-Founder

Sébastien Métrot shared a tough story today at FailCon France at the Ministry for the Economy and Finance — he co-founded Yasound in 2011 with CEO Jean-Marc Plueger, who died in a scooter accident in 2012. But It wasn't just an accident, Métrot

Google Analytics Now Lets You Track Web And App Data In A Single View

Here is a small but important update to Google Analytics: Developers can now create a single reporting view that includes both web and app data. Google says this will help businesses that have multiple digital touchpoints for their users (web, mobile

Behold, Murdoculous Rift

Pics of moguls wearing Oculus Rift headsets are the new pics of moguls with rappers. And who better to start the trend than media mogul and avid tweeter Rupert Murdoch? According to the fantastic Tumblr "Murdoch Here," Murdoch spent yesterday at NY c
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