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Sunset Overdrive Review: A Genuinely Fun Game, Once You Get Past First Impressions

Microsoft's console exclusives are arguably what it needs to make up ground on PlayStation, despite its continued hold on the beloved Halo series. Its brand new Xbox One game, Sunset Overdrive, looks in part to be an answer to Sony's fan favorite Inf

Google's New Bookmarking Service, Previously Called Stars, Has Gone Live

Google Stars, the long-rumored bookmarking service from Google, has now publicly launched, but with little fanfare. That Google was working to update its bookmarking service has been known for some time. In May, a developer who had been digging into

NaturalCycles Expands Its Contraception App Subscription Service In Europe

Swiss founded startup NaturalCycle, which has been testing its contraception app in the Nordics since last December has now opened it up to the U.K. market, making its first move to scale the subscription service which aims to offer women an alternat

Instagram Video Ads Go Live Because Everything Good Must Come To An End

Instagram has at long last debuted video advertisements after rigorous testing and hands-on work with brands. And because they are advertisements, none of that rigorous work really matters because we simply hate advertisements. With video ads, the po

Yahoo Poaches Amazon Sales Exec Lisa Utzschneider, Ned Brody Takes Ad Tech Role

Some executive musical chairs and a interesting poach/hire at Yahoo announced today. The company has named  Lisa Utzschneider as its SVP of Sales for the Americas, nabbing her from Amazon, where she was VP, Global Advertising Sales and had been with

Apple No Longer Rejecting Calculator Widgets From The App Store

The maker of a popular iOS app and widget, PCalc, which took advantage of iOS 8's support for Notification Center Widgets, was recently told by Apple that his handy app would be pulled from the App Store due to the fact that “widgets on iOS can

Alphaworks, The Equity Crowdfunding Platform From Betaworks, Brings On Erin Glenn As CEO

Today the folks at Alphaworks, the equity crowd-funding platform branched out of betaworks, are announcing leadership changes, with Erin Glenn taking the lead as CEO. Nick Chirls, cofounder and former CEO of Alphaworks, is moving on to pursue anothe

LG's Crazy New Smartphone Screen Has Almost No Bezel

Tired of looking at all that extra space around your smartphone screen? Lets ignore for a second that that space serves a rather important function (giving you somewhere to put your thumb/fingers that isn't on the screen) and just marvel at this thin

Gillmor Gang Live 10.30.14

Gillmor Gang – Robert Scoble, Keith Teare, Kevin Marks, John Taschek, and Steve Gillmor. Live recording session today, Thursday October 30th, at 9:00am PT Read More

uBeam Nabs $10 Million In Funding From Upfront To Make Wireless Charging A Reality

Wireless power seems like one of those things everyone always dreams about. I mean, how great would it be to have your phone just charge while it's sitting in your pocket, with no need to plug it in? That's the premise uBeam is setting out to deliver

Ezra's Craft Liquor Marketplace Helps You Understand All The Subtle Notes Of Your Drink

At some point in most everyone's life, alcohol consumption goes from a sport wherein players try to get pounded in the most efficient way possible to an activity all in itself, where people actually enjoy the taste, the flavors, and the experience of

About.Me Launches App That Aims To Replace The Business Card

Founder of, Tony Conrad, says it's time to disrupt the business card. He's released a new app today called Intro to do just that. “You don't always have a business card with you, but you always have your phone,” Conrad explained

Cookies Are Dead: User-Based Attribution Models Are The Only Way Forward

Cookies are the base tracking mechanism for most companies running online marketing initiatives, yet cookies are dying out rapidly because mobile usage is increasing and most mobile browsers don't support third party cookies. In fact, cookies simply

Google Play Books Updated To Make It A Better eReader For Students And Chefs

Most eReader apps tend to be built for reading something from start to finish — which makes sense, given that that's how about 99% of fiction works are meant to be read. But what about non-fiction stuff? The research documents, the text books,

Elimi Turns Dating Into Truth Or Dare

Hey, are you interested in ladies or men? Do you like to flirt with a capital F? Then Elimi is for you (or perhaps not if you prefer to meet potential partners at the church, club, or local rendering plant). Created by Adam Labedzki and Sebastian Brz

Messaging App And Voice Calling Provider Viber Is Now Blocked In China

According to a number of reports out this morning, the latest service to become blocked in China is Viber, the free service that lets users make calls, text and share photos with friends, family and others. When reached for comment, the company told

Estonia's Jobbatical, A Job Site For Work Sabbaticals And Career Breaks, Raises Seed Round

Unbeknown to me, ‘work sabbaticals' are increasingly becoming a thing, whereby skilled employees are given sanctioned leave to travel and work for somebody else. Or so says Karoli Hindriks, co-foundr and CEO of Jobbatical. The Estonian startup 

Mixify's Clubcast Service To Live Stream DJs Goes Global With Indian Launch

Mixify, the live streaming service connecting big-ticket DJs to clubs around the world, is seeing its Clubcast service take off with DJs like Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke, and Q-Tip from Tribe Called Quest joining the platform. It's the low-end theory w

GoCardless Launches Enterprise Direct Debits, Secures The Guardian

GoCardless is a Y-Combinator alum which created a simple way for online businesses to set up and accept direct debit payments. Why is this important, I hear you ask? Well, out there in the rest of the world, recurring payments are almost always drive

Productivity Startup Rolls Out A Business-Focused Upgrade, Subscription Pricing, a productivity startup with apps for calendaring and task management which claims a reach of over 11 million users, is today expanding beyond its earlier consumer focus with a new set of features – and pricing plans – aimed at bus

Tackling The Crowdfunding Credibility Gap: A Q&A With Dropkicker

As crowdfunding has scaled up so too have some of the problems inherent with firing unconditional cash at people whose main selling point might just be their madcap idea. The big names of the category, the Kickstarters and Indiegogos, would argue tha

Q3 Tablet Shipments Up 11% to 54M, Samsung Closing In On Apple's iPads

Tablets — once thought of as the great disruptor to PC sales with their lighter form factor and cheaper price — continue to grow in sales, but at a far slower pace than in quarters past. IDC today published its Q3 numbers for tablet sales

Eco-Conscious Water Filter Company Soma Goes Back To The Well For $2.2 Million

Since the close of its $3.7 million seed round last July, business has been flowing smoothly for the Warby Parker of water filtration, Soma. The company will be selling its sleek, environmentally friendly water carafes and filters in Williams Sonoma,

Kamcord Users Have Shared 25 Million Mobile Game Clips

Kamcord, a startup that offers game developers an SDK that lets users record and share clips of their gameplay, has achieved a few milestones in the last few months that show the Y Combinator-alum is gaining traction as the non-streaming equivalent o

Crowdsourced Design Marketplace Minted Raises $38M To Go After The Textile Market

Minted has big ambitions for its crowdsourced marketplace of designs, with plans to launch in a whole new product category as well as giving its artists a platform for creating new storefronts. To realize that goal, the company has raised an addition

New Cloudyn Tool Wants To Bring Clarity To Cloud Billing

The promise of the cloud, whether private or public, has always been the potential to bill users or lines of business for specific usage, but it's proven difficult to do in practice. Today, Cloudyn introduced a new tool called Cost Allocation 360° th

Nintendo Building Bedside Fatigue- And Sleep-Tracking Device

Nintendo might be on the verge of reinventing itself once again: The Japanese company is currently best known as a gaming giant, but in its storied history (which dates back to 1889), it has run taxis, sold instant rice and more. Now, Nintendo is aim

LED Startup Digital Lumens Gets $23M In Funding Led By Nokia Growth Partners

Nokia made its name in mobile phones, breaking new ground and holding the title of world's biggest handset maker for a number of years before the onslaught of competition from OEMs like Samsung and Apple reversed its fortunes. Now that Nokia has sold

Sketchfab Becomes A 3D Printing Repository By Letting You Download 3D Objects

Sketchfab is launching a much needed feature — a download button. As a reminder, Sketchfab is a sort of YouTube for 3D models, where everyone can upload and browse 3D models directly from your browser. But until now, there wasn't a lot you coul

Ampy Is A Wearable Spare Battery That Charges As You Move

It was surely only a matter of time before someone thought to capitalize on the current trend for wearables with a battery designed to charge via kinetic energy. And so meet Ampy: a spare battery pack, currently bidding for crowdfunds on Kickstarter,

Tim Cook: ?I'm Proud To Be Gay,? And Helping Others Is Worth Trading Personal Privacy

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to Businessweek with an essay he penned himself acknowledging that he is gay, saying that despite valuing personal privacy, he has decided to openly state his sexual preference in order to hopefully help others who might be st

Tapkast Brings Ephemeral Status Updates To Your iPhone's Lock Screen

Tapkast's iOS-only app lets you broadcast ephemeral status updates to your friends' phones, with each status update replacing the previous one. You can also comment on status updates, until they disappear that is. In some ways it harks back to the ea

Xiaomi Poaches Spotify's Donovan Sung To Lead International Product Development

Now that it's apparently the third largest smartphone maker in the world, China's Xiaomi needs experienced heads to help it build its business outside of Asia. And that's exactly what it's getting. TechCrunch understands the company has hired Donovan

Lenovo Has Completed The $2.91 Billion Acquisition Of Motorola From Google

Lenovo has completed the $2.91 billion acquisition of Motorola from Google today. The deal, which was announced in January, comes just three years after Google itself shelled out $12.5 billion to buy the phone-maker. Read More

BITalino's Next-Gen Sensors Squeeze The Costs of Building Connected Health Apps

Developers wanting to build apps that monitor and respond to human bio-signals should point their eyes at this Kickstarter project. BITalino (r)evolution is the follow up to last year's modular kit of bio-signal sensors from the same Portuguese team

User Replay, A ?Black-Box Recorder' For E-Commerce Sites, Scores $3.2M For U.S. Expansion

User Replay, the ‘Customer Experience Management' startup that offers software akin to a ‘black-box recorder' to help e-commerce sites track user journeys and ultimately improve the bottom line, has beefed up its own balance sheet with a

Homejoy Officially Moves Beyond Cleaning With Launch Of Handyman Services In The Bay Area

In its first big move beyond home cleaning, Homejoy is adding carpet cleaning and general handyman services to its offerings in the Bay Area. Co-founder and CEO Adora Cheung (pictured above with her brother and co-founder Aaron) has been hinting at t

Chat App Line's Revenue Doubles Year-On-Year To Reach $192 Million in Q3 2014

Days after Facebook revealed that WhatsApp, its $18 billion messaging app acquisition posted an overall loss this year, Line — a rival app with 500 million registered users — has announced that its revenues doubled year-on-year during Q3

AdPushup Raises $632,000 For Its Banner Ad A/B Testing Platform

New Delhi-based startup AdPushup, which provides A/B testing that integrates with ad networks, has raised $632,000 in its angel round of funding. Read More

Fiverr Goes Global With New Languages, Local Offerings

After raising $30 million in August , Fiverr, the low-cost online marketplace for services of any stripe, is making it rain. The company is spending money to roll out new international sites. Starting with Spanish, French, Dutch, and Portuguese websi

Flipboard's New App Gets Personal By Making Topics The Center Of Attention

Flipboard has been working hard over the last few years to build an app that makes reading stories on mobile and tablet devices as engaging as flipping through a magazine. With the latest version of its app, users will be able to find and discover co

Xiaomi Now The World's Third Biggest Smartphone Maker, Says IDC

Xiaomi is now the world's third largest smartphone maker, due in large part to the success of its high-end Mi4, says new research by IDC. This is also the first time that Xiaomi has broken into the research firm's list of the top 5 smartphone makers

Looks Like Microsoft Just Leaked Its Own Fitness Band

Whoops! Before Microsoft even got a chance to announce that they're making a fitness tracking band (a la Jawbone Up, Fitbit Force, etc.), the device's companion syncing app has found its way onto the Mac App Store. Spotted first by 9to5Mac, the app s

MPAA Bans Google Glass And Other Wearable Cameras From Movie Theaters Because Duh

Under the new rules, theater owners will ask anyone with wearable recording devices to turn'em off and put them away. Fail to do that, and they'll give you the boot. If they have any reason to think you're recording in the theater, meanwhile, they'll

Verizon Ventures Seeks To Double Portfolio And Investment Capital

Verizon Ventures, the venture capital arm of the Internet, phone, and wireless networking services company, will look to double its portfolio and the capital it invests in startup companies, TechCrunch has learned. Speaking ahead of his participation

Made In NY Media Center Members Demo New Tech

With $3 million in support from the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment, the New York Economic Development Corp., and the Independent Filmmaker Project, and private partners like Verizon, Hearst Corp., and Illy caffe, the Made In NY Media Cente

Microsoft Fires Another Set Of Employees, Continuing Its Announced Layoff Strategy

Microsoft took an axe to another slice of its employees today, cutting around 3,000 jobs according to Mary Jo Foley. TechCrunch heard through a separate source that the layoffs were imminent, but was not able to confirm their size. The company releas

Twitter Sees Two More Exec Departures, Including VP Of Engineering Jeremy Gordon

Two more executives have left Twitter: Jeremy Gordon, the vice president of engineering, and Adam Kinney, a senior manager who led the company's analytics team. The news was first reported in CNBC. That report also cited an unnamed source who claimed

YouTube Can Now Play Videos At A Buttery 60 Frames Per Second

After years of capping video playback at 30 frames per second, it looks like YouTube is finally upping the bar. Back in June, YouTube announced that 60 FPS video playback was on the way in “the coming months”. Alas, the only examples of t

Baidu Posts Mixed Q3 Earnings, Sending Its Shares Sideways

Today Baidu reported its third quarter financial performance, including revenue of $2.203 billion and GAAP earnings per share of $1.79. The market had expected the Chinese company to earn $1.69 per share on revenue of $2.22 billion. Excluding the cos
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